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They Thought They Were Patriots


Adrenaline eyeballs, bloodshot red
Somebody ringin’ a bell in your head
Whippin’ your back like a dog in a race
The bark in your throat, the look on your face
they thought they were patriots
look at ‘em now
tryin’ to get out of this mess somehow
Torches and kerosene, riches and rags
Conspiracy theories in brown paper bags
Knuckles and fists and pepper spray
“This is my country, get out of my way”
Full body armor and half of a brain
Chargin’ at the doors like a railroad train
Stoppin’ for nothin’ but a brick wall
“Traitors! Let’s get ‘em all!”
Speaker of the house and the vp too
Hidin’ undercover wonder what they gonna do
Listen to the mob do a hue and cry
“Take ‘em to the gallows, gonna hang ‘em high”
Some got busted, maybe more than a few
Dupes and the ranters and the QAnon crew
It seemed like the right to do
“We were just doin’ what he told us to”
Great leader is gone to Mar-a-Lago Bay
And the curtain is risin’ on a brand new day
He used to be god’s chosen thug
Now he’s just another dirt bag under the rug

© Jim Page, Whid Isle Music, BMI
All rights reserved