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UW 1971

Playing at University Of Washington, 1971

Excitement is running high around here these days. I’m getting ready for a new CD project. I have more than enough songs and a bunch of fine musicians all headed for the greatest studio in the western world – Big Red, down in Corbett. Plans are necessarily mercurial, so don’t hold your’s or anybody else’s breath on the detailed semantics of this – BUT we should be kicking it off in early April and things should be out in the sonic-sphere sometime not too long afterwards. We’ll be doing a crowd funder of some kind so watch for it. These things tend to be expensive. Working title as of now: “Zarco.” Attitude: Steadfast. Trajectory: A tRump-free 21st century world where we do see a future, and the cliff is just a pot hole in the road.

Photo by R Carroll Photography, Seattle WA