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hey tRump how ya doin’ – how’s your bottom line

that ship of yours is sinkin’ a fathom at a time

sewer water comin’ up around your chin

I hope you got some water wings ‘cause I know you can’t swim


I remember watchin’ Tricky Nixon goin’ down

we all thought he was the biggest crook to ever come to town

but you make him look like a real nice guy

so pack it up buddy and learn to say goodbye


maybe they’ll take you back on reality TV

where you can pretend to be the president of an imaginary country

where everybody loves you and they admire your reach

where your hair is always perfect and you can never be impeached


or maybe you can get a job workin’ in Trump Tower

cleaning out the toilets for $1.35 an hour

or somethin’ real easy where you don’t have to think too hard

like walking real slow around the prison yard


we’ll have to fumigate the place after you’re gone

a stench like that lingers when it’s been around so long

but there’s a better day comin’ and it’s comin’ around the bend

and it feels good to sing it so i’m gonna sing it again



© Jim Page, Whid Isle Music, BMI

All rights reserved