I Wonder If I’m Loving You Right

Oh, sometimes I wonder when I’m all asea
and my imagination gets the best of me
I’m feelin’ disconnected, I’m looking for a light
Oh, and I’m afraid to ask but I wonder if I’m loving you right

Everybody gets weary, it’s a weary day
Oh, and then the words we use aren’t what we mean to say
Misunderstandings, well they can play you so rough
Oh, and then it’s times like these that I wonder if my love is enough

Tell me, tell me if there’s somethin’ you need
Tell me, so I won’t be the last to know
Every silver lining has a demon seed
We gotta get it out in the open so we can let it go

I love to watch you sleeping when the night is so still
Oh, and silver moonlight comes in through the window sill
Tell me is there room for me in your dreams tonight
Oh, and then tell me if I’m loving you right
Oh, and I’m a-fraid to ask but I wonder if I’m loving you right