Bishop On The Run

Eamon Casey took a vow
I don’t know when, don’t matter how
put on the cap and gown
and he was the Bishop of Galway town

holy orders are so intense
attending to your abstinence
from fleshly pleasures fair and foul
it’s enough to make you throw in the towel

one fine day a woman came
Annie Murphy was her name
and oh the flaming fires grew
it was the natural thing to do

but nature is a raging thing
so vows be damned, let’s have a fling
til she grew in the family way
and he sent her away from Galway Bay

time passed by on either hand
the baby grew to be a young man
and like any such a child does
he wondered where his father was

then in the spring of ’92
the scandal ripped the cloth in two
a rendering so deep and wide
that the Bishop had to run and hide

Bishop on the run
look at what you done
Bishop on the run
Jesus was an only son

shockwaves hit the Vatican
“oh my god, not that again!”
publicity, the devil’s flashlight
man, it was a dreadful sight

the Pope put on his best glasses
and said a special mass to the masses
our father who art on the lam
help us get out of this jam


now the Bishop’s gone, he’s off the hook
and Annie Murphy wrote a book
the controversy rages on
that’s why I wrote this song

it seems to me, if I may say
some things can’t stand the light of day
and things like these, without a doubt
we’d all be better off without