Bourgeois Blues #3

come all you good people and listen to me
I’ll sing it to you right but you might disagree
about a boom town city that you all know well
and this is what all the people there tell

big money bags walkin’ up and down
sayin’ this looks like my kinda town
buyin’ up the properties, raisin’ the rents
movin’ everybody out to live in tents

they got enough money to drown in
to jump in and swim around in
they can buy themselves a diamond studded hole in the head
but can’t they give a homeless person a bed

one day the council stood up to the man
the next day they rolled right over again
I almost thought they had a spine that time
but it was only the fake of a bottom line

and that bottom line is tied like a noose
you kick and you punch and you can’t get loose
the cops and the courts and the I-C-E
they’re all workin’ for the bourgeoisie

it’s class war and there’s a smoking gun
one side’s got money and the other side’s got none
call me crazy if you want to son
but I know a stacked deck when I see one

but I’ll tell you somethin’ that I do know this
if we all get together we can be like a fist
the biggest fist anybody ever see
and that’ll be it for the bourgeoise