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Bristol Bay

sing a song for the mountains
sing a song for the sea
sing a song for the distance
try to get close to me
sing for the light
at the end of the of day
and sing a song for the waters
of the Bristol Bay

you can’t put a price on
what will not be sold
time is like a river
runnin’ through your soul
and the fish in the river
they swim upstream
time to wake up
out of your dream

money is a poison
seeping into the mud
it’ll take you over
it’ll run your town on blood
it’ll carve out the mountains
it’ll haul ‘em away
and it’ll be the end
of the Bristol Bay

so what you gonna do now
you can’t just let it pass
they kill the natural wonder
for a tank of gas
you gotta do something
you can’t just let it slide
time to wake up
and take a side

standing out on the water
I see the daylight reappear
for all the sons and daughters
who are still here
and I see the cycles spin around
the sun and the moon and the stars
and I know if there’s something worth living for
you have to start with where you are

comin’ up tomorrow
I see a beautiful land
we can have a future
if we all just take a stand

don’t let ‘em tell you
that it can’t be done
they just want keep you
weak and on the run
history’s an arrow
and it’s pointing out the way
all the way to
Bristol Bay