Butterfly Wings

from the rooftop of the clouds
you can see the curve of the earth
sometimes you have to face your own mortality
just to know what that’s worth
corporations of the apocalypse
showdown at the break of day
all you have is your bare hands
but you face them anyway
survival depends on the pendulum swing
the future is riding on your butterfly wings

helicopter swingblade
it can be a dangerous sky
Jack the Ripper with a chain saw
well he’s been a busy guy
and they come with their machinery
their axes and their shiny new blades
and the wheels spin on Wall Street
fortunes for the money they made
the conquering armies of the timberland kings
maybe you can slow them down a little with your butterfly wings

these trees are a thousand years old
they were here before Columbus
no one has any right to cut them down
no one among us
some one had to stop them
some one had to at least give it a try
now you sit up so high
you can look an eagle in the eye
and the storm winds rage, the arrows and slings
but you’ll outlast them all with your butterfly wings

time is on the run, and time waits for no one
time is on the run, and time waits for no one
no one, not even you

now the whole world is watching
with wide open eyes
spinning into infinity
underneath millennium skies
stepping up to the cliff edge, looking over
it’s a long way down
sooner or later we’re gonna
all have to learn to walk on the ground
survival depends on the pendulum swing
and maybe we’ll make it if we ride on your butterfly wings