Cut Cut, Snip Snip

I went downtown to the café to get myself a glass of wine
And catch up on some old times with good old friend of mine
They had those radio speakers and that music that they play
And they had it up so loud all I could say was “what you say?”

So I reached into my pocket and I felt for my clips
Cut cut, snip snip, gonna get myself some peace and quiet
Cut cut, snip snip, yeah that’s better

I went out walkin’ on a fine spring afternoon
The sun was bright, the sky was blue, the blossoms were in bloom
But when I got to that Nike store on the corner by the telephone pole
Well they had their outdoor speakers on and I just lost control

I went into the shopping mall to liberate my fellow creatures
From a life of fallow servitude to sensory mis-features
And there was all that Muzac babble on a constant assault
Well I got a nervous condition you honor, you know it’s not my fault

You know that groovy corporate rock station with the fast talkin’ jocks
They drive around sometimes in a mobile unit and broadcast in the parkin’ lot
And they take requests, at least that’s what they say
Well they didn’t like my request but they took it anyway

Christmastime is wonderful, it feels so good just to be near it
And the Christmas music is fine but I don’t think everyone should have to hear it
I don’t want to be no scrooge, it ain’t my place to be outspoken
Maybe Santa’ll bring ‘em some new wires ‘cause these ones are broken

you ever wonder why it is that everywhere you go
they hit you with a speaker blast, a CD player or a radio
they just won’t let you be, they gotta keep your mind on the run
well me, I’d like to try to slow it down some

so give yourself some credit, get some self esteem
stand up for your mental health and vent a little steam
you’re used to bein’ passive, try a different tack
ain’t no use in takin’ without givin’ somethin’ back