Dark Matter

I’m waking up early
to a big surprise
that big ole sun is
tryin’ to rise
but there’s something’ weird
goin’ on around town
every time it goes up
it just comes back down
so I roll up my sleeves
and jump right in
dark matter
coming on me again

let me guess
I can figure it out
you put a ship in a bottle
now you can’t get it out
the eye of a needle
and a 2×4
nothin’ seems to fit
together anymore
it’s a mess
and I don’t know what to do
dark matter
I depending on you

Paul Revere
did a midnight ride
meeting’ Lady Godiva
by the riverside
it was almost a great
and a glorious day
but they couldn’t remember
what they were supposed to say
so they took out their guitars
and they started to sing
dark matter
gettin’ into everything

Stephen Hawking
said to Neil Degrass
this theoretical thing
is a pain in the ass
says Neil
what are you tryin to say
Steve says I’ll get back to ya
later today
I think everything
would make more sense
if that dark matter would just
get off the fence

I fell in love
with a friend of mine
she was walkin’
on a tight rope line
and I was crawlin’ on my
hands and knees
we ran into each other
said excuse me please
do I know you
was this meant to be
or is this just dark matter
messin’ around with me

just because you can’t see it
does that mean it isn’t there
dark matter everywhere

I took a leap
and I went so high
I blew a hole
right through the sky
and I swam like a fish
in etherial brine
till I left the whole damn
solar system behind
ask me why I’m leavin’
I’ll try to be clear
there’s just too much
dark matter around here