Do Re Mi Revisited

you’re comin’ up from south California
comin’ out from old Boston town
you’re lookin’ at the beautiful trees and the water
thinkin’ ’bout settlin’ down

you been hearin’ about all of the money
dreamin’ about a house on the hill
thinkin’ that you might get lucky
maybe they got room for you still

so your drivin’ up everything that you got in that car
or you’re flyin’ in on a plane
and you’re takin’ the bus into downtown Seattle
that’s the last that you saw of your dream

because they got all of that beauty
and yes they got money to burn
but they also got people living under the freeway
and that’s where your road takes a turn

Seattle is a Garden Of Eden
a paradise to live in or see
but believe it or not
you’ll be livin’ in a parkin’ lot
if you ain’t got the do re mi

maybe you came by yourself
maybe you brought family too
maybe you got some skills you can use
maybe you’ll just have to make do

you’ve been lookin’ for work on line at the library
you figure that you’ll make it somehow
but you ran out of money for that room on Aurora
and you’re wonderin’ where to go now

you could live in your car if you had one
there are plenty of people who do
but they towed it away to the impound
now you’re wearing a hole in your shoe

you see rock and roll heroes and sports stars
millionaires out on the town
and those people livin’ under the overpass
the cops just keep movin’ ‘em around

Seattle is a Garden Of Eden
a paradise that’s what they say
but believe it or not
you’ll be livin’ in a parkin’ lot
if you can’t make it pay

the mayor is gay and the council is mixed
and there’s a socialist riding on board
they raised up the minimum to 15 an hour
that’s the least that boss could afford

still you’re sleeping on a cardboard mattress
and your house on the hill is a tent
and they could freeze all the prices right now
you still couldn’t pay for the rent

some say there’s nothin’ you can do about it
it’s just human nature they claim
this is the greatest system in the world
is just needs a little lube on the chain

but me I got a better idea
I say let’s shut it all down
let’s defang the bankers and sink all the tankers
and spread all the money around

because Seattle is a Garden Of Eden
a paradise at the end of it’s line
so lets put it out with the curbside recycling
and try to do better next time