Dress Code For Judges

my friend was up on charges
I was there to lend support
the trial was set for Friday
I was all dressed up for court

with my best clean pants
my jacket, hat, and tie
I was lookin’ good when
I caught the judge’s eye

he sat there at his station
he was looking right at me
as he ran his hand along up where
his hairdo used to be

it took me a minute
but I slowly understood
it’s a matter of a dress code
when you’re in this neighborhood

dress code for judges
gotta keep it neat

oh go fuck yerself, I thought
I’ll just play it dumb
then I saw the bailiff
with his belly and his gun

so I smiled at yeronner
and I winked him in the eye
and I took off my hat
‘cause I had bigger fish to fry

my friend lost her case
when she went against the law
they hit her with probation
so maybe that’s a draw

and as I was leaving
I remembered what they said
that it’s better to take your hat off
than it is to lose your head

dress code for judges
gotta keep it neat