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Everybody Thanks The Driver

First first time I rode the bus I was hitchin’ a ride
I was just a kid, flat broke
I climbed on board, sat down down and got warm
and across town we rode
it dropped me off about two blocks away
from exactly where I was trying to get
I said thanks, he said see ya later
and I can still remember it yet

everybody rides the bus
everybody that’s us
everybody rides the bus
everybody thanks the driver

I used to know how much money I had
just by holdin’ it in the palm of my hand
twenty five pennies right down to the number
just like I had it all planned
I’d sit right up front by the driver
and we’d have ourselves a chat
smoke ‘em if you got ‘em when it’s just us two
and we’d ride the line like that

Sam was a driver and a juggler and a clown
he just loved to make people laugh
he had a heart attack drivin’ on the viaduct
with no way to get off the path
he said I need a little help at the wheel up here
whatever little help you can give
and all together they slowed it over
savin’ everybody’s life but his

my friend Annette, she’s singin’ the blues
and she’s blowin’ harmonica too
but it’s hard to make a livin’ these days around here
in this six figure hullaballoo
so now she’s driving the bus five days out of seven
and on the other two she grooves
the wheels and the wherewithal
that’s how the world moves

so if you want my autograph
because you like how I play the guitar
go thank a bus driver first
‘cause I’ll never get you that far