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Everything Is Round

the sun goes up and the sun goes down
and all the many planets out spinning around
hangin’ on to a little green piece of ground
everything is round

all around the lost and found
tubular bells make a tubular sound
and the rollin’ balls go rollin’ around
everything is round

you can fantasize a straight line
you can try it if you may
but I guarantee that straight line
is gonna turn around some day

there’s a crazy man beatin’ on a big skin drum
and everybody waitin’ for the kingdom come
while every other kingdom just comes undone
everything is round

starting from the mother earth
learning what a circle’s worth
returning to the place of birth
everything is round

you can calculate the answer
you can call it “M C Squared”
but if space and time are truly curved
then there are no squares out there

if god could speak he’d have to say
forget about the judgment day
there’s no straight and narrow anyway
everything is round

entropy and institution
a convoluted evolution
revolving every revolution
everything is round