Farewell Fires

up early in the morning
long before the sun will rise
and later in the dawning
with the sleep still in my eyes
I can’t help remembering
the past forgotten times
the heavy hours lost to my face
and years across my mind

up here in the mountain current
fire burning bright
I can see that you are restless
in the breathless morning light
I can see that you are homeless
looking for a restful eye
so why not stay a while
before we must say goodbye

I still remember Mexico
where electric crosses stand
and the chemical evangelist
holding god in the palm of his hand
and we all thought we’d reached salvation
looked to see the angels appear
waiting for that moment
till we found we’d waited years

our ways will have to split now
like the fingers on my hand
you knew we would and so did I
and together we had it all planned
and I may never see you
and you may never see me
but I will sing your stories
from the mountain to the sea

and it’s all down
a long dusty year
and I’ll splash my tracks
with my dusty tears
for you are like the morning
burning on into the day
and like a flashing mountain fire
will turn me to my way