Fire In The Forest

look out of your window, as far as you can see
this beautiful country is our heredity
the way that we find it, the way we pass it on
the way that we’re remembered when we have come and gone

and there’s a fire in the forest
we just can’t let it burn
no one can do it for us
this much I’ve learned
there’s a fire in the forest

oh the glory days of our material embrace
have given us the destiny that we now must come to face
a monumental crossroads with no time left to borrow
and the choice we make today will be the world we get tomorrow

can you drink your water, can you breath your air
is there an unendangered species anywhere
is there a land unthreatened by this historical machine
is there a better vision, can we find it in our dream

talk about the future, talk about a million years
talk about the mothers and the grandchildren
talk about the cycles, laughter and tears
talk about the bridge we’re buildin’
don’t burn the bridge we’re buildin’

time is running out on us, that’s the way it seems to me
with one foot on shaky ground and the other in eternity
we’re standing at the threshold, we’re opening the door
and either we survive it or we go down like the dinosaur