Flag Blinded

Let me talk you a tune to the tone of the day.
You gotta wait your turn you got somethin’ to say.
You gotta hunker down and hold it tight
don’t step out till the time is right.
I see a lot of blind robotics
Pavlov’s dogs in patriotics,
so uniformly constituted,
boot-heeled, flag pole saluted.
You gotta wonder what’s behind it.
Why is everybody so flag blinded?

Alright, you’re talkin’ ’bout history
well, the real story’s still a mystery
but we know Columbus just got lost
and the Indians had to pay the cost.
And we know ol’ George had plenty of slaves
and there were more comin’ over the bounding waves.
And it was the land of liberty
if you were white, male, and owned property.
That’s the way that they designed it.
So why is everybody so flag blinded.

New worlds are hard to hold
with pockets full of stolen gold
shootouts over El Dorado
company thieves and desperados.
Economic mental states
turning nature into real estate.
Empires born of war –
that’s what the Pentagon was for.
We shouldn’t need to be reminded.
But we’re so flag blinded.

Every adolescent super ego
needs a self-indulgent credo
to posture and pontificate
and periodically self-congradulate.
Such irrational insecurity
leads to a national security
that bankrolls for a bankrupt trust
while social service bights the dust.
They say the truth is where you find it.
But we’re so flag blinded.

Sundown in the eagle’s eye.
Some people recognize a lie,
shining like a cruel deceit
it echoes through the past repeating.
Fingers of an iron claw
feeding on the fatal flaw
that binds this institution
to arrested evolution.
Its in the way that you define it.
But we’re so flag blinded

Nature has a way to ease
the grip of all these miseries –
in the final dissolution
of material illusions.
Just as the great stone wall
will bow before the waterfall
just so the fist of tyranny
will meet the great democracy.
And finally when we find it –
we will take a light and shine it –
tear away the flag and see what lies behind it.