Fundamental Frenzy

there’s a crowd outside my window
I can hear them in the street
it’s the new evangelistics
in a missionary heat
saviors of the innocent
guardians of right
it’s the day before tomorrow
in the middle of the night

they got shine white faces
sing a faraway song
show you pictures of Jesus
as a blue eyed blond
riding like a savior
on a big white horse
with one hand bearing gifts
and the other hand to enforce

fundamental frenzy
fundamental rage
fundamental frenzy
takin’ us back to the middle ages

there’s echos in the hallway
of the governmental draw
where morality is weaponized
and written into law
to fire your emotion
with danger and disgrace
to wrap it up in flags
and to wave it in your face

the local undertaker
and the chairman of the board
the doctor and the DJ
they all climb aboard
the country music special
and the heavy metal band
the military general
with the button in his hand


the devil is a foreigner
and he has to be destroyed
throughout this great wide world
where his demons are deployed
in anybody’s country
on anybody’s sea
when you’re exorcizing evil
you invent your own morality

in the language of the prophecies
they talk about a time
when they wage the final battle
for the kingdoms of divine
and in the valley of the showdown
the fires will rage
and god’s ferocious hand
will turn the final page


now their counting down the hours
in the grains of sand
as they reach for Armageddon
with their eager little hands
and there’s an idol on a nose cone
triggered to explode
and a disappearing future
at the end of the glory road

now I don’t mind your religion
or the cut of your clothes
but I gotta keep my eye out
to where your shadow goes
you want to meet your maker
that’s your choice to choose
you want to take me with you
I’m gonna have to refuse