Funny How You Get Used To Things

i went out this mornin’
and the flags were half mast
something’ musta happened
but the news went by so fast

i don’t even remember their
names or where they’re from
life just takes over
and things come undone

if i was a frog in the water
and the water was gettin’ hot
I might just swim around a while
‘cause I like it a lot

what does “too late” look like from a distance
would you know you were gettin’ close
would they welcome you in and say
“you’re the one we love the most”

and if i was a canary in a coal mine
and the gas was getting’ thick
i wouldn’t be able to do anything about it anyway
‘cause I’d be getting’ sick

he took up a position
when everybody was there
he killed a whole lot of ‘em just like that
and you wonder why people are scared

there’s a run on guns
at the armory mall
somebody with a big bank line
just bought ‘em all

they say there’s no fortune
like the fortunes of war
and if there’s money in the first time
they’ll do it some more

so i’m packin’ up my baggage
and i’m headed for the road
there’s a future with my name on it
ready to explode