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Gays In The Military

1 hut, 2 hut, 3 hut, 4
everybody knows what the corps is for
shape ’em upright – ship ’em out
we got clean-cut clones with international clout

5 hut, 6 hut, 7 hut, 8
gotta keep your gender straight
women are women and men are men
don’t get too friendly with your friends

gays in the military – very scarey

fearless warriors, I have heard
don’t even know the meaning of the “fear” word
cannon balls they swat like flies
they don’t even blink their eyes

ten thousand enemies in a pinch
they face ’em all and don’t even flinch
but give a homosexual an even chance
and they wet their collective camouflage pants

gays in the military – very scarey

General Patton had a great big gun
and so did Atilla the Hun
it was masculine meticulous
they were so straight it was rediculous

every roll model macho I have known
just stiffened up and turned to stone
John Wayne was so petrified
they named an airport after him when he died

gays in the military – very scarey

you’re puttin’ women in dangerous places
uou’re gettin’ sexual harassment cases
you got pinups on the locker room door
is that all we train them for?

don’t tell me about your high standards
your spit polished company commanders
morality by the good ole book
that was Tailhook

gays in the military – very scarey

every normality has its day
and every day must fade away
change is hard to take
when all your icons break

wake up and smell the air
there’s people risin’ up everywhere
say goodbye to the sacred cow
’cause we don’t need it anyhow

gays in the military – very scarey