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Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera where are you now
you’re such a brave man, you’re in Afghanistan
Geraldo Rivera where will you go
goin’ where no other news man’s gone

let me sing a tale to you
every word I swear is true
great heroics pay per view
on the TV cam-era
you can have your Errol Flynn
I’ll take the man with the iron chin
gonna get that old Ossama bin
it’s Geraldo Rivera

I remember how your ratings rose
when those neo nazis broke your nose
it was only a stunt I suppose
but it made the front pages
now you’re out there where the goin’ gets rough
gonna call that big bad bully’s bluff
show ‘em that you got the right stuff
you’re the newsman of the ages

I remember Al Capone’s vault
it was empty but it wasn’t your fault
it was media spectacle gestalt
and we loved you anyway
now you’re dodging sniper fire
sending stories on the wire
can your ratings climb up any higher
come on, make my day

you can beat ‘em off with your big moustache
that’ll give ‘em whiplash
then you make a mad dash
to pull up your socks
goin’ hand to hand
with the dirty rotten Taliban
but they ain’t half the man
as the mighty man from FOX

some kids want to strike it rich
some just want to dig in a ditch
it’s hard to scratch that itch sometimes
when life just don’t prepare ya
some kids watch too much TV
lose their grip on reality
and that’s what heppened, it seems to me
to Geraldo Rivera