Get Rid Of That Thing

come over here, what you got in your hand
come on let me see
you could ruin somebody’s life
with that thing, maybe me

you walk around feeling like a big shot
‘cause you got one at your waste
makin’ widows and orphans out of mothers
and children all over the place

get rid of that thing
hear what I say
get rid of that thing
throw it away

yes it built this country, so what?
so did the real estate tycoons
land theft and genocide
and the dime novel cartoons

guns and drums and more guns
everywhere you look
get rid of that thing
put ‘em in a history book


2nd amendment, my ass
you can’t even count that far
I got a constitutional right to not get shot
by Ted Nugent’s other guitar

you got somethin’ to say?
just open you mouth
I know you got a brain there somewhere
so let it out


so you keep it around the house just in case
and you got it safely put
til you shove it in your pocket all of a sudden
and shoot yourself in the foot

didn’t you know that was gonna happen?
it’s not a matter of if
wherever there’s a jump-off
there’s bound to be a cliff


cops got ‘em, army’s got ‘em
the gangs got ‘em, cartels got ‘em
the vigilantes got ‘em, bikers got ‘em
and you got ‘em too

for protection from infection
to correct the last election
with an would-be insurrection
now what’re you gonna do


outside the VFW Hall
in Santa Cruz, California
they built monument to carnage
as a way to try to warn you

and in the base of that monument
they buried a hundred useless guns
solidified in concrete
now that’s the way it’s done