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Great Changes

come all you cold warriors and lay away your spears

come up out of your bomb shelters, you’ve been there for years

the enemy among us in an enemy of thought

and whoever holds the fastest tongue will fire the opening shot


great changes comin’ on

great change won’t be long

great changes comin’ on

great changes


wipe away illusions now and let us see you faces

all the many cultures of the many human races

all of us are weavers in this tapestry of life

and we can live in harmony or we can live in strife


my father was a warrior in Truman’s say

McCarthy put the fear in him and he meant it to stay

he passed the fear to me so that I would make it mine

but I have had a change of heart and I’ve gone to cut the line


last thing we need is for some little idiot

with a chip on his shoulder that’s bigger than his brain

take it out on the world and everybody in it

and we could see our futures all going up in flames

now, wouldn’t that be a shame


honor the defenders of the people and the land

a pox on the invaders who would stifle our demands

fully to be human is our natural decree

and look the door is opening to the 21st century