Hour Is Getting Late

everybody just watches while the clock unwinds
makin’ long term payments, buying time on time
change hits so hard
it’s laid out in the cards
either you get with it or it leaves you behind
and you ain’t got long to choose now
the hour is getting late

the wild eyed savior holds the passport to hope
with direct communications to the angels of the pope
while the cross hanger broods
in a righteous ugly mood
he’d like to find a disbeliever he can fit with his rope
god is on the rampage
but the hour is getting late

Madam Linda, the fat man wants your address please
the new rich hip wants to paint your knees
it’s so unfair
they follow you everywhere
they offer you their clothes so you won’t freeze
and so far you’ve refused
but the hour is getting late

psychopathic nurses with their knife happy crew
convince the unwilling behind the doors of Harborview
antiseptic voyeurs
special bred by their employers
go if you need somebody to look at you
they’re all eyes now
but the hour is getting late

the uniform superman makes his pass
in a law and order limousine with bullet proof glass
and he thinks about his kids
as he goes sneaking up on manhole lids
if his partners don’t shoot him first he could make second class
he’s getting stronger all the time
but the hour is getting late

the good will soldiers outside in the hall
they’re out to save everybody from everything an all
and they love to hear you complain
they look for people in chains
they will help you to your knees if you want to crawl
and a lot of people do
but the hour is getting late

temptation grows on you after a while
you elevate yourself and you do it in style
and the logical greed
buys you everything you need
pay a man to fix your face so you die with a smile
you’re really riding high
but the hour is getting late

gold fever killed Al Capone
and built New York City on pawnbroker loans
you beg, buy, and borrow
like there ain’t no tomorrow
when you’re dead they’ll send someone out to repossess your bones
you are up to your neck
and the hour is getting late

so take a good look at everything you’ve make
and count up all the costs of every trick you’ve ever played
weigh it out and find
was it really worth the time
for everything you get somebody must be paid
and they’re coming to collect now
the hour is getting late