Hungry Desert, Thirsty Sky

hungry desert, thirsty sky
not the kind of place you’d want to die
destination somewhere over there
you need water to get you there

Arizona desert line
you lose all sense of time
dried out like a stretch of meat
another victim of deceit

these mountains never had a wall
a million years they outlast them all
coyote and the armored car
all you gotta do is follow the star
and you’ll get there

human kindness human right
a plat of food, a place to spend the night
I wish for you as you would for me
to die at home with dignity

but palaces of money gleam
in far off northern American dreams
where orders shot from gilded mouths
tell us what this war is really all about

I know we’ve been through here before
history’s great revolving door
and we’ll be back again
we’ll see who holds the power then
you might be surprised