There He Is/There He Goes

a better friend you never had
big brother, dear old dad
man about town
wheels rollin’ round

back in. the old Fresh Air
seemed like everybody was there
Harvey Mandel and Sugar Cane
now it’ll never be the same

you had a good right swing
in and out of the ring
for the ones you loved
and for the golden gloves

and on a cross town trail
ridin’ around with the Third Rail
and all the boys in blue
sure like to get their hands on you

i used to sleep on the couch with your scooter on the floor
guess I won’t be doin’ that anymore
everything smelled like dogs and motor oil
it was an oasis in a world of turmoil

you’re gettin’ older, slowin’ down
you get a job downtown
you’re workin’ the long shore
just like your brother before

you get a wife and kids
best thing you ever did
you loved those little rug rats
and they loved you back

so raise your glass and drink a toast
to whoever it is you love the most

now I’m on my way
every step is a brand new day
yeah, life is good
it’s goin’ by just like it should

yes, and this old town
sure has some stories to hold it down
and I know they broke the mold
when this story got told