Keepin’ It Clean

the fog comes in like a cleaning machine
makes the tree limbs glisten and the sidewalk gleam
all the browns and grays and the sometimes greens
keepin it clean

you know, San Francisco is big and wide
with deep salt water on either side
whatever else might be swimmin’ inside
that don’t get seen

keepin’ it clean

my cross street neighbor he’s washing his car
with a bucket of suds and a little cigar
the road dirt never really gets in that far
‘cause he’s keepin it clean

my ride is a dusty old rattlin’ thing
with bicycle wheels and a porch swing
but it’ll carry anything that life can bring
so i’m keepin’ it clean

keepin’ it clean

it’s a pretty good street on an incline plain
with the sunlight streakin’ through the window pain
and the black crow flyin’ against the grain
see the wings careen

there’s so many tanglin’ hangin wires
with whatever else therein transpires
conversations, rubber tires
way back machine

keepin’ it clean

my down street neighbor, she’s walkin’ her dog
through the canine wilds of the snuffling fog
the snout and the gristle and the bump on a log
it’s an animal’s dream

and the letter carrier, the sack of mail
then the street sweeper and without fail
you get a parking ticket that’ll trim your sails
makin’ ya scream

but you’re watchin’ your language
you’re keepin it clean

I play guitar when it suits me to
its easy enough, you could do it too
whichever way you want to
know what I mean?

I’m leaving in the mornin’ if the roads don’t blow
I’ll be back in the springtime to watch it grow
I hate to say i told you so
so keep it clean

keepin’ it clean