I’m readin’ the newspaper, chalkin’ up to size
I can hardly believe my dumbfounded eyes
there’s homeless people all over the place
but they gonna spend a fortune on a stadium face-lift

and you wonder where all your money has flown
a hundred million dollars for the King Dome

big money calls and they all go crawling
football chicken says the sky is falling
frontpage sports take up all the time
while reality hides on page number nine

now who’s gonna pay for all this mess
you and me, that’s who, I guess
while the cost of living clamps down hard
the gridiron lives in the rich folk’s yard

they can banter all those democratic words around
but I think I know who runs this town
it’s the the ever-present seldom seen
the ones who put their money on the home team

they took away the funding from the Indian youth
they say they gotta balance the budget but that ain’t the truth
money likes money, that’s just the way it is
people are people and sports is a business

so I keep my eyes out, and I spare some change
I watch the cops go by the needle exchange
I think about a world turned upside down
I hope I live long enough to see a change come around