Long Corner Turning

we used to have elections but we don’t bother anymore
now it’s just backroom dirty deals behind cloak and dagger doors
oil money, family fortunes, slappin’ each other on the back
puttin’ people’s lives in their pockets and watchin’ while the money stacks

goodbye America I’ll say I knew you when
it was a long corner turnin’ gonna be a long corner turnin’ back again

we used to have our liberties, back in the day
but it was for our own good that they took ‘em away
now it’s Homeland Security followin’ you around
Old George cut that cherry tree and it finally hit the ground

‘cause there’s a new George now and he’s got an ax of his own
and he’s grindin’ it real sharp and he’s cuttin’ it to the bone
filet of America, and he’ll feed it to the dogs
all for a bunch of good old boys riding high on the hog

I’m gettin’ used to surveillance, and I’m getting’ used to the cops
I’m gettin’ used to law and order when it don’t know when to stop
I’m gettin’ used to soldiers, I can see them in my sleep
I’m gettin’ used to everything and that gives me the creeps

they say that once we were a beacon and we shone like a star
well, two hundred years later, well here we are
lookin’ out at the wide world through bullet proof glass
followin’ a gunslinger preppie with his head up his ass

we used think we were so superior, we could tell god what to do
we thought we’d last forever and we acted like it too
livin’ in a house of cards, waitin’ for a breeze
and I think I hear the wind blowin’ way up in the trees

so I got my compass and I got my flint rock spark
time is comin’ on, but I ain’t afraid of the dark
I got my eye on the future and it’s all green in clover
so if we make it through this one, I’ll meet you when it’s over