Masters Of Lies

you masters of lies
who kill all the truth
who spread all the hatred
and poison the roots
who hide behind TVs
computers and spies
I just want you to know
I can see through your lies

you suck up all the money
and leave us with crumbs
expect us to be grateful
but we’re not that dumb
you feed on the poor
and you leave them for dead
and we know that your hunger
can never be fed

how fine are your mansions
and your golf courses too
how rich are your relatives
you’ve got quite a few
your money uncountable
investments unknown
you’re a mystery
till your cover gets blown

I know who you love
and who you despise
you love yourself first
with a narcissist’s eyes
and you despise anybody
who calls out your game
well I’m calling you now
so take your best aim

you were born into money
so how would you know
we’re just here to be used
for your revenue flow
like a fist full of numbers
like something to earn
but some of those numbers
are starting to turn

like a baby in swaddling
you suck on your thumb
but your thumb is a cell phone
that’s how it gets done
with your midnight explosions
your rants and your bile
is it any wonder
we’ve become so reviled

go out in the world
see what who we are
a laughing stock nation
under a dangerous star
armed and unstable
with a tyrant’s design
it’s come to this, yes
it’s the end of the line

I hope that you fall
and you fall so hard
that you cannot be saved
from your dead house of cards
with your memory buried
so no one will know
how this once great nation
could fall so low

we will go on without you
yes, we will survive
on into the future
our beauty will thrive
with our face to the sun
and our back to rain
and no one will ever
remember your name

with our face to the sun
and our back to rain
and no one will ever
remember your name