Never Give Up

dirty water
in the falling rain
you wipe your initials in
the windowpane
freedom walks on
the avenue
you’d be there too
if it was up to you

you never give up

from the tower block
to the battleground
jump on over it’s a
long way down
gravity pulls to the
last frontier
there are no other
limits here

you never give up
you never give up

though they may slam the door
slap your face to the floor
you’ve seen it all before
you never give up

they scare you silly with
a faceless god
and rap your knuckles
with a lightning rod
you carry it with you
in a gunny sack
an invisible monkey on
your bended back

you never give up

you beat your head
on a solid wall
all you need is a crack
you don’t need it all
the wall just laughs
and turns away
but you keep at it

you never give up
you never give up

though it’s every crooked deal
and their laws are made of steel
it’s never half as real as you are
when you never give up

there’s a world inside
where your mind is free
and there’s a world outside
where you’d like to be
and there’s a fine line where
your vision clears
and all the distance

and you never give up

I’ll meet you when
the morning comes
the saxophones and the
marching drums
the gleeful trees by the
waters edge
the flowers on the
window ledge

they never give up
you never give up