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New World Order

The New World Order has an old world odor
I can smell it, I can smell it from here

There’s somethin’ rotten in the office of State,
somethin’ rotten that’s hard to relate.
Shiny boots walkin’ down a long dark hall
and the sound of the axe blade ready to fall.
The fatal flaw of our hypnotized eyes
is that we would not now recognize
how in history’s repeated game
the differences remain the same.

Silence holds an iron grip
while law and order cracks a bullwhip
on national prime time TV
like a can of worms for everybody to see.
And the presidential rule of thumb
says justice will indeed be done
while he himself will hide the amounts
of all his foreign body counts.

A bag of tricks to pack the Supreme Court,
a censor for the press reports.
A military passion play
packaged just like a football play.
And the general who leads the drive
becomes the sexiest man alive.
The women swoon and the men admire
and the candle flame burns down to the wire.

Now the frenzy takes a firm control
with a flag on every other pole.
A blessing for the victories
of our patriot humanities.
Repetitions hypnotize.
Pledging allegiance to the Lord of the Flies.
My fatherland, right or wrong.
Oh, what a road we have stumbled upon.