No Time To Be Afraid

fasten up your leather boots
making sure your pistol shoots
marchin’ out to take the town
I hear the footsteps comin’ round

the triumph of the fatal flaw
the victory, the coup d’etat
make the world go back to flat
it’s easy when you think like that

stolen money stolen votes
stolen words from empty throats
stolen time and it’s all gone
wonder how it went so wrong

get that black man out of sight
get the White House back to white
get those women back in place
the fix is in set, we’re on the race

someone will sing they always do
when the money’s there, the greedy few
the spectacle will go as planned
and so on all across the land

I was frightened when I wrote this song
but oh it didn’t last for long
I took a look around and then
I picked myself back up again

to think of all that went before
in all the many civil wars
the struggles and the changes made
no time now to be afraid

for we are better, yes we are
and we are smarter still be far
and we will not just disappear
we’ve been building up for years

so fasten up your leather boots
your helmets and your parachutes
we laugh at all your master plans
and we will meet you where you stand