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Now That I’m Missing You More

it’s raining outside and the wind blows, oh what a watery squall
rainwater blow through my windows and in through the cracks in the wall
I been all night on the lookout, but I can’t remember what for
I can’t remember much of nothin’ these days now that I’m missing you more

I had a good home but I lost it, there at the dock of the bay
I woke up one mornin’ and the money was gone and the banker come
and took it away
left me outside on a limb, sleepin’ on the neighborhood floor
thinkin’ ’bout somewhere that I’d rather be now that I’m missing you more

the veteran plays the piano in varying tonal degrees
when the drink gets down to his fingers the music is there in the keys
and I feel like that in the meantime, when doing without is a chore
I’d rather be doing with some one like you now that I’m missing you more

the sound of a whistling song bird, a look in the eye of the moon
a spark in the heart of the underdog to laugh at the face of doom
having something worth having depends on what you’re having it for
and I think I may’ve just found that out now that I’m missing you more

the lights are all on on the causeway, the city is a glittering sight
everybody’s running in circles, some people never do get it right
me I’m gonna follow my senses and try for the unopened door
I think I know what I’m missing now that I’m missing you more