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On The Street Again

I’m on the street again
I’m on the street again
and I ain’t been of it since I don’t know when
I’m on the street again

Freddie the Miser don’t give me no cheese
Fat Alive wants me to say “please”
Fingers Louie wants my coat
Willie The Noose wants to measure my throat

Crazy Alex ain’t all there
but he comes out of nowhere swingin’ a chair
a mad dog mob got me, tearin’ at my clothes
I leave without my guitar, got a bloody nose


in the hot spot rock house top of the stairs
they got animal dancers in their underwear
wrestler maidens in sweet perfume
jump on you like a kangaroo from clear across the room

in Sheila’s Wine Emporium Hotel
they hang by their heels with their heads in a well
of rot gut, rat cured, Bowery booze
burn a hole through your stomach, make you chew on your shoes


the electric 6-gun romance band
make the most amazing sounds without using their hands
me, I got my foot caught in one of their wires
and it blew me through the roof in an electrical fire

I was hangin’ ‘round the hydrant with the Afrikan Kidd
when they busted everybody with a manhole lid
I broke out the window with a ramrod log
landed right in the mouth of a police dog


now, I may not be too smart in my head
but I know enough to sleep when I’m lyin’ in bed
if you want to break the law, you gotta be discrete
but you don’t need a union card to sing on the street