The Price Is On The Rise

The price is on the rise
and it should be no surprise
you better stock up your supplies
the price is on the rise

it used to be a dollar was a wad by god
you could stretch it, you could tease it, you could put it work
but you better watch your ways if you’re lookin’ for a raise
or you’ll wind up punchin’ hours as a junkyard clerk
and you know you better stick to your rank
if you want to make the national bank

the buyers all buy and the sellers all sell
and they need each other like a horse needs meat
you can pawn your head if you’re underfed
or lick up a livin’ on the sidewalk street
but you know you better stay in your place
or they’ll walk all over your face

society high climbers, just plain good timers
everybody got a price that got somethin’ for sale
pay the parkin’ meters and the hot water heaters
and it costs a lot of money if you want to go to jail
take a loan and you can get out of debt
join the army if you want to forget

there’s money everywhere, there’s money to burn
you can’t use it if you lose it so you throw it all away
and the man with his hand in the pocket of your wallet
says it ain’t worth much of nothin’ anyway
and everybody wants to collect
they got no self respect

a nickle is a nickle and a dime is a dime
and a dollar’s about 35 cents
better hop to and borrow ’cause it won’t be there tomorrow
and it ain’t never been the same since
what ever happened to free enterprise
it went down when the price began to rise