Pulling the Statues Down

you don’t know me by name
I don’t know you too
but we’re on the same road, my friend
we have some things to do

in summer of no return
fires lit for the fuse to burn
they killed somebody in broad daylight
gonna take a lot of changes to make it right

pulling the statues down
bells a-ringin’
statues down
everybody singin’
hey will you look at that
ain’t that a beautiful sight to see

some old songs we used to sing
we don’t sing them anymore
some flags we used to fly
we don’t fly them anymore

architects of a bad design
some old worn out state of mind
best just to let it go
you can’t hold on when the winds begin to blow
so hard


look – there goes Andrew Jackson
look – there goes Christopher Columbus
look – there goes junipero Serra

we’ve been at war before
we know that does
sometimes what you stand up for
ain’t what you thought it was

there’s a new day knockin’ on the old one’s door
we can’t ignore it anymore
come on out and take a look to see
the way that it’s about to be
it ain’t if you lose or win
but whose shoes you’re standing in
and I know you understand
so come on out and give me a hand


look – here comes Harriet Tubman
look – here comes Frederick Douglass
look – here comes Geronimo