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Put It Down

we all live behind fences
we all lock our doors
nobody trusts anybody else
if they don’t know what they’re trustin’ ’em for
everybody’s all got problems
bad news on the wire
somebody did somethin’ to somebody else
set the whole place on fire

put it down
it’s only givin’ you bad dreams
think about the good dreams
you’re leavin’ behind
let it go
try to find a better rhyme
we got a lot to do
and we don’t have a lot of time

I hear my neighbors
they fight all the time
they scream and they argue
and they’re crossin’ that line
but come tomorrow mornin’
I know just what I’ll see
walkin’ around like nothin’ happened
just like you and me


I go out by the park bench
and I watch the children play
kinda reminds me of myself
back in my childhood days
and the rules that we played by
made enemies of our friends
but we’re older now
we no longer pretend


you and me, babe
we got some fences to mend
we got some roads to travel
so much distance between friends
but if it means that much to you
to mean this much to me
then maybe we can make it
if we both keep tryin’ to see