hey Ray, how ya doin’, I been thinkin’ about you

you know, one way or the other we all break through

to where the face of reality shines like a lamp

and the circus sets up camp

seems like it was easier way back when

we could always put ourselves back together again

but we’re older now and it’s younger than us

and now somebody else has to get on that bus

there’s so many angles to to see

and there’s always a way that we’d would like it to be

but you can’t make it fit where it doesn’t want to fall

so you just have to accept that you gave it your all

so as we emerge on the other side of this trip

like the afterthought of a time slip

we will scatter ourselves on the floor of the gods

who are playing with their magnificent lightning rods

and they might hear a sound like a deity does

and they might go to look for to see what it was

some stranger in passing or a long lost friend

but you and me, we’ll be gone by then

so I’ll catch up with ya later, Ray, don’t worry about that

if you find out somethin’ interesting keep it under your hat

maybe we can’t see ‘round those corners to come

but the road is still there and it’s a long one

and maybe some of these fine friends of ours

will show up with their drums and their horns and guitars

the feast will be fine among so many friends

and finally the dead will be grateful again