here’s a little song that you might get along with
all about a natural seed
growin’ wild by the side of the roadway
its nature’s wonderful weed
been around so long it’s hard to tell
why anyone would think its new
love it or hate it, however you relate it
I’ll leave that up to you

isn’t that righteous
isn’t that good enough
ain’t that just the way it oughtta be
isn’t that righteous
isn’t that good enough
righteous is good enough for me

history’s locked in a cardboard box
and it’s hard to take a look
with side-track frills and fantasies
all written all over the book
everybody tells you what to think
and they’ve got their reasons why
you gotta pick reality up by the scruff of the neck
and look it right in the eye

the same people that are spreadin’ the fear
are the same people that scare me the most
some of ’em look like they’d just as soon
like to hang you from a lamp post
they talk about what it does to your brain
well I just have to react
’cause Hitler never touched the stuff
and that’s an actual fact

George Washington was the father of our country
and he had a hemp plantation
Betsy Ross used it to make the flag
that flew above the baby nation
they wrote their declarations on paper
from that same hemp fiber press
I don’t know what they smoked when they were takin’ a break
but I got a pretty good guess

it’ll calm you down when you’re too up tight
and it just might make you smile
use the seed oil in your engine
it’ll lubricate the miles
glaucoma and chemotherapy
they say it smoothes out the track
so next time you meet a cancer patient
ask ’em what they think about that

I don’t know why some people get so upset
when you say to legalize it
they’d rather build more jails, arrest more people
and spread more crazy lies, it’s
like talkin’ to a brick wall
you know they just don’t get the facts
I think they oughtta try a little of that Betsy Ross
it just might help ’em relax

so I’ll be on my way now
guess I’ve taken just about enough of your time
I know there’s a lot of people out there
just don’t like my state of mind
but I got mine and you got yours
we give what we can take
so next time I need a breather
I’ll might just take a little smoke break