Roll Out The Red Carpet For The Nineties

we got a new administration
they say it’s time for celebration
they’re so ectstatic about a Democratic come-on
after the Reagan and Bush years
and the vacuum in between Danny Boy’s ears
they say anything is better than the same old song

now Mr Bill is such a nice guy
you just know he wouldn’t lie to you
he’s got charisma, they say he’s like JFK
he’s got a hip Vice Pesident
who’s into the environment
he wrote a book about it so know he’s gonna mean what he say

roll out the red carpet for nineties
roll it out and let it flow
roll out the red carpet for nineties
here we go

he came my home town
they had lights and sound
they were playin’ John Lennon as he got out of his limousine
as he spoke to the multitudes
all the necessary platitudes
they had cleared out all the homeless so there wouldn’t be a negative scene

there was nary a dry eye
seein’ the savior with a necktie
all that saint, salvation and repentance
but I gotta agree
it’s a miracle to me
the first president we’ve had in twelve years can speak a complete sentence

he’s fast food fed
he likes the Greateful Dead
he was against the war in Viet Nam. or so I’m told
he gets down to the bone
he even plays the sacxaphone
he’s wanted to be president since he was ten years old

he believes in education
now that’s a recommendation
he’s a Rhodes Scholar so you know he’s got a high IQ
he smoked a little pot once
they talked about it for months
but he didn’t inhale, he didn’t know that’s what you’re supposed to do

what a pretty first family
I saw them lighting up the Christmas tree
just the kind of people I’d like to have for my next door neighbors
but they don’t play by the same rules
their kids go to private schools
I guess I’ll just have to read about them in the dayly papers

now you might think I’m crazy
but I get a little hazy
when I think about the rock’n’roll future of our nation
is it just coincidental
or am I going mental
they put Elvis Presly on a stamp just in time for the inauguration

now I know what you’re thinkin’
I see your eyeballs blinkin’
you’re thinkin’ I’m too cynical I oughta have a little more faith
well, faith is to your credit
but watch where you put it
I ain’t believin’ in a figurehead with a friendly face

I’ll tell you if you ask me
that real democracy
comes from the bottom up and not the top down
there’s a storm on the horizon
and the waters are risin’
we better learn how to swim or we’re all gonna drown