Sound Of A Guitar

all these years, I still don’t know
crossroads standing wherever you go
my maps of astronomy, I steer by the stars
the humming of the universe, the sound of a guitar

I was raised in a box of artificial life
too young for wisdom, too scared to face the knife
I remember the first time the walls began to bend
it was only a sound but it was my best friend

somebody had to take the chance to roll the magic dice
to peek behind the curtains of impossible paradise
no one knew the danger, we could never see that far
all we knew was unknown but the sound of a guitar

coming of age in the 1960’s
there were no limits that we could not assault
danger and euphoria, the genie in the bottle
seemed like the whole world was living on an earthquake fault
30 years later and the bottle gets broken
ceremony of the word is spoken
you are the genie, I am the genie
and the genie is us

time passes slowly as the cycle unwinds
and some people go and leave the others behind
goodbye to a lover, goodbye to a friend
farewell to a journey when it comes to an end

the news came early on a sad summer’s day
and we cried in our laughter as they laid him away
and we danced to an orchestra of shimmering stars
and all the world was music and the sound of a guitar