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Standing In Line

standin’ in line, I been standin’ in line
spend an awful lot of time you know standin’ in line
you get in line and they give you a number
to get in another line to stand and wait
for someone to come to call your number
to get in another line to pick up a plate
where you stand in line to eat
all lined up on your feet
and half way down the street
all the time gettin’ in line

standin’ in line to get in off the sidewalk
one at a time like Pavlov’s mascots
holdin’ to your ticket for to show it to the ticket checker
checkin’ for to see if you’re in the right place
and you very well know you better stay where they put you
otherwise you know you might get misplaced
get caught when your time’s up
turn around and put your hands up
and you wind up in the line up
all the time gettin’ in line

pushin’ and shovin’ when you’re comin’ from behind
fightin’ all the way up to the head of the line
steppin’ on the people that are getting in the way of when you’re
fightin’ for position and you got to get ahead
pullin’ out your hair about it getting’ on your nerves
till you’re next in line for a hospital bed
and you wind up spendin’ all of your time
strain’ at the headlines
as you’re standing’ in the bread lines
all the time getting’ in line

low class, high class, middle class lines
all segregate according to the segregation signs
if you’re stuck on the bottom and you’re looking’ for a way out
from underneath of other people’s high heel shoes
then you’re lookin’ to the higher ups who ain’t about to budge
after all you know they got a lot to lose
but they talk about equality
and equal opportunity
and then they line you up for charity
all the time gettin’ in line

it’s been taught and told for such a mighty long time
about the pot of gold at the end of the line
it’s been so ingrained in people’s brains
that they never even wonder why they follow along
until it’s too late for anything but starin’ at the wall
put your head in your hands and wonder what when wrong
with all those fine designs
that took up all your time
then left you stranded at the end of the line
after all the time gettin’ in line

don’t you think it’s time to start gettin’ out of line
ain’t you had enough of just followin’ behind
ain’t you getting’ tired of gettin’ all the time stepped on
knocked down and trampled just to try to stay alive
don’t you think it’s time to start doin’ somethin’ different
better get right to it if you want to survive
‘cause time is on the run
it’s only just begun
and you’ll never get anything done
if you’re all the time gettin’ in line