Stone Bruise

I got the stone bruise
I got ’em comin’ in through my shoes
I got my insole talkin’, squealin’ and a-squawkin’
it’s a-givin’ me the walkin’ blues

I started out runnin’, with my two feet gunnin’
I was eatin’ up the highway miles
when my feet started achin’ and my knees started shakin’
I was goin’ in a pitiful style
I was out on the concrete, checkin’ out the side streets
rollin’ like a tumblin’ wheel
now I gotta keep my feet put or give myself a hot foot
and don’t you know the way that feels

from Seattle Washington to Portland Oregon
and all points in between
I been down to San Francisco, on up to Idaho
goin’ with a full head of steam
I been in and out of road ruts, takin’ all the short cuts
checkin’ out the high terrain
now my feet start creepin’ at night while I’m sleepin’
it’s a-stranglin’ up my brain

I got a heel in the front of me, a heel in the back of me
carryin’ the weight of my load
and when they start complainin’ from the sweatin’ and the strainin’
well, I figure I been pretty well told
now all of these imprints are givin’ me the shin splints
so that I can hardly stand
but I’m gonna keep after, even if I have to
start walkin’ on the palms of my hands