Stranger In Me

I took a bus to Broadway to see the street lights shine
the rustle of the windy breeze and the shadows in my mind
feelin’ like a stranger in my own home town
I knotted up my collar and I walked it around

oh stranger can’t you see
there’s a stranger in me
open up the door
don’t be a stranger anymore

lately I been thinkin’ about the holes inside of me
and what it takes to fill ’em up and keep ’em company
everybody needs to know the difference it can make
but such a stubborn disposition is a hard one to break

last time I saw your face you were turning it away
my mouth was empty, there was nothing I could say
with you away in your world and me away in mine
we could’ve crossed it over but we never took the time

standin’ at the crossroads, whichever way you go
some one will be waiting, maybe some one you should know
everybody is a stranger here, we’re wrapped in our disguise
reflecting faces from the mirror of our eyes