Take Our Culture Back

let’s take our culture back
let’s take our culture back
get the monkey off of your back
and take our culture back

we’ve been here for a million years
music fillin’ up the people’s ears
and we always sang our own song
until the music business came along
now, I don’t know, I could be wrong
but I ain’t about to just tag along
behind somebody with a bankroll hangin’ out
tellin’ me what I can sing about

they got the radio, they got the TV screen
they got the great muddy waters of the main stream
with a dollar bill hangin’ on to every word
you’re never gonna get your message heard
but some little buddy with an extra buck
can buy a transmitter and try their luck
pirate airwaves democracy
that seems like a good idea to me

Hollywood spectacle and promenade
think of all that money just waitin’ to be made
an all you gotta do is go
and you’ll be sittin’ up pretty on gangster’s row
well, it ain’t smart to be misled
by some Beavis and Butthead
you can have your hip Seattle slacker
just give me a good computer hacker

you gotta get inside to break it out
you gotta be outside to know what I’m talkin’ about
two heads and a million eyes
and we can cut this thing right down to size
now, culture is a weaponry
in all our great humanity
and survival is a counter attack
so let’s take our culture back