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The Love Song

let me sing you a song. don’t get me wrong
just a little song and it won’t take long
don’t put your faith in heaven above
and don’t hold your breath in the name of love

when you’re flat broke walkin’ down the concrete street
love ain’t gonna fix you somethin’ to eat
and when you’re cracked up layin’ by the highway side
love won’t take you for an ambulance ride

when you’re getting’ half pay for full time days
it ain’t love that’s gonna get you a raise
and when you get thrown out like a worthless dog
love won’t get you another job

love won’t get anybody out of jail
or the FBI off of your trail
it don’t mean nothin’ to the chief of police
and it’s useless in court to say the least

love won’t get you on the White House lawn
or take care of those people in the Pentagon
it won’t make a politician change his was
‘cause he already figures that you love him anyway

I see the smiling faces and the flower bouquets
all the gaily colored people sayin’ have a nice day
they give you a pat right on your back bone
but other than that you’re on your own

love ain’t nothin’ but somethin’ you feel
like a hungry man loves a good square meal
like a banker loves his money and more
and it all depends on what you’re lovin’ it for

so I sang you this song and it didn’t take long’
and I hope good friends that you didn’t take it wrong
but I love my work and my share of the load
and I think it’s time we got the show on the road