The Preacher And The Patsy

Long-haired preachers come out in the park
and they sing and they pray and they bark
take their masks off and throw them away
and when asked about science they say

“you will see, by and by
when they give you better glasses in the sky
science be damned, god’s got a plan
you will see by and by when you die”
that’s a lie

they sing about god’s holy grave
how expensive it is to be saved
when the collection plate comes into view
you’ll see they’ll have more money than you

but you’ll be rich, by and by
when they give you your
percentage in the sky
work and pray, until that day
you’ll get pie in the sky

oh they’re groovy and trendy and fine
and their message is always sublime
for the beauty of spreading the word
is the business of fleecing the herd

some things I will never understand
how some could fall for such an obvious scam
I don’t care how holy they seem
Jesus never drove a limousine

thinking people of all countries unite
side by side we for reason will fight
when this world and its wealth we have gained
to the con men we’ll sing this refrain

you will see by and by
when you get those silly myths
out of your eye
and when you die, goodbye
‘cause there isn’t pie up in the sky
that’s a lie