The Rabbit Hole

when you were lost and lonely
and the maps were all wrong
and everywhere you tried to be
was where you did not belong
you stumbled onto something
that would ease your wounded mind
“come in, come in,” they said
“you’re just in time”

the rabbit hole
the tumbling tunnel
the rabbit hole
crouching spider’s funnel
it’s an easy way in
good luck gettiin’ out again
from the rabbit hole

they spoke a secret language
that you could somehow understand
they embraced you in the fold and then
they took you by the hand
and everything made sense
like it was meant to be
and you left your other life behind
your friends and family

the rabbit hole…

mirror mirror on the wall
tell me what you think you see
is it fool’s gold or a
brilliant new reality
all the little voices
laughing in you ear
they saw you coming, yes they did
and they’ll watch you disappear

the rabbit hole…

old friends and intimates
they sit around the table
to reconstruct your memory
as best as they are able
whatever happened to
what’s her name
went down the rabbit hole
and never was the same

the rabbit hole…

words and music © Jim Page
Whid-Isle Music, BMI
all rights reserved