Singer and the AWOL Kid

I’ll tell you a story my friend
from the Vietnam days way back when
body count mountin’ on the wall
you had to do somethin’ about it all

that’s when the singer took a trip up to Washington State
it was a good day to travel on the interstate
two hitch hikers all of nineteen
traveling real light with their heads shaved clean

the singer picked them up, he had room in the car
he said “I’ll take you where you’re goin’ if it’s not too far”
“we’re goin’ up to Canada” they said it kind of slow
“seems like the place to go”

you can trust a stranger if give him a chance
and there’s a million stories in a sideways glance
the singer knew, he had a long range view
“I’m only goin’ to Seattle but I’ll see what I can do”

the interstate’s a long straight black top line
and you can do a lot of thinkin’ while the time unwinds
leavin’ California for the evergreen land
pretty soon the singer had a plan

stoppin’ for supplies like anybody might do
get a map and a compass and a flashlight too
canteens for water, food enough to last
goin’ on to Seattle but they drive right past

almost to the border, take the side road to the hill
“here’s your map and your compass and a twenty dollar bill
Canada’s that way, it’s a straight shot
good luck and goodbye and don’t get caught”

then the singer drove away through the darkening breeze
and two shadows disappeared in the evergreen trees
and that’s the measure of a war
try to tip the balance just a little bit more

I was there when the singer came in late
mutterin’ somethin’ ‘bout the interstate
the songs were good and the music was fine
and that’s what kept us goin’ most of the time

so that’s the end of my story my friend
from the Vietnam days way back when
about a singer on the road and the AWOL Kid
you had to do somethin’ and that’s what they did