Wrecking Ball Blues

I used to live in the city, an apartment on the second floor (x2)
until the man with the money said I couldn’t live there no more

well they brought in a wreckin’ ball and beat it to a hole in the ground (x2)
they put me outside walkin’, made me homeless in my own home town

now tell me who loves a wreckin’ ball, surely ain’t no friend of mine (x2)
they built a bank to put their money in and I ain’t even got a dime

well I served my country and I loved it like a long-lost friend (x2)
now my country don’t love me back, looks like, ‘cause I ain’t got the money to spend

you know my shoes are worn from walkin’ and my head is spinnin’ around (x2)
and there’s a cop with a ticket book tellin’ me I can’t sit down

well I’m tappin’ on your shoulder and I’m whisperin’ in your ear (x2)
you know I’m only tryin’ to warn you but you seem to be so hard to hear

I’m thinkin’ dangerous thoughts and I know I ain’t the only one (x2)
I’m thinkin’ about that wreckin’ ball and how I’d like to get me one

well if I had a wreckin’ ball I’d turn it on to City Hall (x2)
and I’d stand back laughin’ while I watched that whole thing fall