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The Time Is Now

there are things to come and things to pass
pure and simple, made of glass
to feed the future you weed through the past
to fix it fast and to make it last

the time is now, now is the time (x2)

time has come and time has gone
to pick up roots and to move along
to rise up early before the dawn
to start out standing to come on strong

you got eyes to see you got ears to hear
what comes calling unto your ear
and speaks for all of us gathered here
to make it all so very clear

there was a time when the winter came
and all the world turned cold
will be a time when the spring arrives
and all the flowers unfold
and the future belongs
the future belongs to the bold

there are deeds to do to clear the way
for morning comes at the break of day
and all hollow threats they are made of clay
and simply crack and fall away

so let us now begin the deeds
to cast the die and to sow the seeds
to realize our destinies
and take our place in history